Sunday, January 30, 2011

The big hair coloring debate

I don't color my hair.

I used to. Heck, it was just about every color you can buy out of a box over a period of 7 years. I blogged about going gray here.

Almost 2 years later and I still don't regret it.

But recently a co-worker and I had this whole debate about me coloring my hair. He said it aged me and he thought overall I just looked better with my hair colored (refer to my blogger profile picture). I guess it's a good thing I'm married to the Mr. and not him, eh? Anyway, during this debate I was trying to find some examples of women who I think have pulled the gray off beautifully and gracefully.

Up first: Jamie Lee Curtis

There is no denying that this woman is gorgeous. She may want to rethink her bra choice when wearing black when she knows she is going to be photographed. But she even rocks THAT. Hmmm...I wonder if those have been lifted? That's an entirely different post.

Next: Emmy Lou Harris. This was the picture I used as an example of gray-haired beauty to my co-worker.

Photo from Dick Hall Productions, Inc.

His response? "Yuck." Seriously? Who would NOT want to look like that? Emmy Lou Harris totally rocks the gray. She has embraced her aging process since it began.

I wonder how many teenagers she raised?

The other part of this debate is about men going gray. Why is it that a man is considered distinguished when he goes gray? And why is it fair that a woman's gray is considered...well...aging? I mean that IS what we are all doing. Aging. Why can't we just be okay with that? Men or women. It is just a natural progression of life. Kind of like needing to be closer to a bathroom. Oh, come on. You know it's true.

I have some friends that color because of the way the gray is coming in. Spotty or in chunks around their temples. Well if you are going to color anyway, why not investigate coloring/highlighting to mock more of the gray so it all blends in while it comes in?

Apparently I'm pro-gray. I certainly don't begrudge a woman for coloring. I did for years, afterall. And coloring is kind of fun. I will probably debate this to death with my co-worker. Or not since I don't think either of us has a chance of swaying the other person to their side. We'll just agree to disagree...and I will continue to make tally points of the compliments I get on my gray. (And for you, Rick, since I know you might read this: I've had 3 since our conversation. I'll name names if you would like but I don't really see the point.)


  1. You're scho dischtinguisched! You're a hot mama no matter what hair color you are.

  2. you know, i've actually had this same conversation with myself... debating whether or not to color my hair again - it's been almost a year, and my roots are obnoxious... but i'm actually enjoying seeing what color my hair is coming in. i've got a few grey here and there, but the majority of them are coming in a gold color but with the same solid weird texture the grey hairs come in.. kinda a salt and (insert golden colored spice here) look *lol*

    so yea, i say go for it! and yes, Jamie Lee Curtis rocks the look!!! and Emmy Lou Harris is so beautiful!

  3. I've never for a moment regretted letting my hair go gray . . . even if some people don't think it's fab and it ages me. I just think about all the hassle and money it saves me when I leave it be. And I think you look gorgeous just the way you are!

  4. I think you missed Rosanne you know Rosanne Barr she looks good with her new grey hair. I have never coloured my hair yet. I do get highlights I am not sure what I will do when I go grey....I love your hair just the way it is!!

  5. Ok, so my co-worker has effectively thrown me under the bus and characterized me as a stereo typical male but I'm simply calling it like I see it. I respect the fact that women should be able to do what they like with their locks but when I think of attractive middle aged ladies, the people that come to mind are Kelly Preston, MIchelle Pfeiffer, Vanessa Williams, and of course, Ms. Sofia Vergara . Not the yogurt lady or Ms. Harris. Just sayin'. Please send all hate mail to Cheri so she can interoffice it to me. Thanks!

  6. I'm working on embracing my gray as well. Why not? I've earned every single one of them and they're trophies.

  7. Wow, I had no idea, that at 38, Sofia Vergara was middle aged. I bet she'd love to hear that. I like your gray, Cheri. I like it on most women. It shows their confidence and character. It's too bad that so many people are more interested in a person's superficial self than their real one. Those kind of people are the ones that perpetuate girls/women feeling badly about themselves because of the unimportant outside. I hope he doesn't have daughters.


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