Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doggie Trauma (Warning! Graphic pics!)

In the area of responsible pet ownership I will admit that I have missed the mark a few times. Not getting cats spayed in a timely fashion, forgetting to get flea medication, feeding my animals table scraps that later required me to put them on a diet and not exercising them as much as they need to top my list.

But when it comes to serious matters of the heart...and dealing with a pet that's injured or in pain...pretty much everything else in my life comes to an abrupt halt.

My life over the weekend came to an abrupt drive over a cliff.

I've blogged about Hamish many times over the course of the three years I've been here. But the "cone of shame" (name that movie) hasn't ever been part of my stories.

We had a little scuffle between pets last Friday. I think food could have been involved. It's just never a good idea to get between Hamish and his food. Or Hamish and your food. Or Hamish and anything that resembles food.

The dog likes to eat. Have I mentioned that?

One thing led to another and the next thing I know I am paying the price for a small, (very) used car to repair a dislocated hip. And although he is in some pain I think overall Hamish really, really, REALLY liked all the attention from the cute girls at the vet's office. He ate it up. (Did you catch that? "Ate it up"...because Hamish likes to eat? And that's how this started, remember? Okay, never mind. If I have to work that hard for the joke it's just not funny.)

But the poor little guy really is in some pain.

I'm pretty sure we are in for a long month. The instructions of "very little activity" shouldn't be a problem since he normally just took bathroom trips outside, ran to the food dish, ran to the other food dishes and then layed back down. He wasn't real active to begin with....unless he was playing with Buddy.

But he's been put on a diet.

Have mercy. How do you put a beagle on a diet with 2 other dogs in the house? HOW?

He looks like he already knows we will be withholding food.

And he ain't happy.


  1. Oh, the poor boy!

    My mother-in-law has a beagle and yeah, you're in for a long haul on the food front. Especially if you can't have him run his buns off to burn off any extra food he might finagle.

    My dog and the above beagle had a bit of a run-in over a bone once. My dog came out on the losing end of it - he lost a small chunk of his ear and a hell of a lot of blood. All over my husband's grandmother's beige living room. It was the worst possible scene. Once we got home from the emergency vet at 3 am, we were all better. But OY! Getting him to that point was challenging.

    I hope Hamish feels better soon! (PS - that might be the most perfect beagle name in the history of beagle names. :))

  2. oh poor Hamish!! Hope he heals quickly!!

  3. Ah, poor guy. Hope he is feeling better soon - and doesn't focus on food too much.

    We've 2 cats - one needs a diet. I feel your pain. HOW do we do that?

    Happy Sunday. I hope Hamish feels better soon.

  4. aw poor Hamish. Guess he'll be soaking up the love for a while. Good luck with the diet thing! Oh and to name that movie...I get a prize right? Cone of shame...from the Pixar movie UP

  5. Oh the poor guy! Hope he's better quickly.


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