Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Blog,

Hi there. How are you? I hope you are doing well. What? You are lonely? I'm sorry. I suppose that is my own fault since I have, after all, been MIA for almost 3 months. What's that? Where in the world have I been? I've been home. And at work. Took a small vacation with my mom and oldest son. But you know what? Mostly I've just been focusing my energies on some things that needed to take a higher priority than the internet. I'm sorry it made you lonely. It kind of made me lonely, too, since I really enjoy coming here and rambling on and on about things that are completely insignificant. It's a good diversion from reality and a wonderful little stress release.

What? I must not have any stress since I don't need you for an outlet?

Yeah. We'll go with that.

It was good to chat with you again. Let's have lunch tomorrow. You seem hungry....and I have a story I need to finish.

Hugs & Kisses!!


  1. Glad to hear from you, too. :)

    Hope all your busy-ness was fun & profitable.

  2. love you lady *muah* just drop a line every once in a while to let us know you're well. glad to hear you've gotten some QT in with the family, that's most important. <3

  3. Can't wait to read all your stories!

  4. Looking forward to your blog world return!

  5. woo hoo sheeeeeeeeeeeeee's back!! Miss you girlfriend!!

  6. Stopping in to say hi, my friend. I think of you often, and say prayers for your family at those moments. Been staring at my Texas pics lately, wishing we could all get together.


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