Monday, July 6, 2009


Are you one?

I LOVE technology and the world wide web and all that it has brought to my incredibly mundane life. But I don't get Twitter. I mean, I get Twitter. I know about it. I understand it. It doesn't seem incredibly difficult to learn. But I don't *get* it.

Does anybody really care what I'm doing every 3 or 4 hours? Or 30 minutes? Really? I would be pretty presumptuous to think ANYBODY would care about my tweets. Or twitters. Or twitterings. And how many different ways are there to say that? For the people I know that might actually care what I may be up to at any given moment of the day, they can just look over and see me. Yeah. My fan base is *that* big.

The hard part about not joining is that I feel like I'm missing out on something. Yes, I'm that nosey. I need to know what's going on in my friends' lives even though I don't think they would give 2 cents to know what is going on in my life.

Here is what I envision my tweets would look like (assuming the Twitter identity of original):

cheripryor: Just waking up to the alarm. I don't even have to work today. I forgot to turn it off. 8 hours ago

cheripryor: Munching down on some toast and drinking my coffee. 7 hours ago

cheripryor: Picking up dog poop so hubby can mow the lawn. 6 hours 30 minutes ago

cheripryor: Not feeling so fresh. Off to shower! 6 hours ago

cheripryor: Lunch was fab! Leftover pizza. 4 hours ago

cheripryor: on my way to get some ice cream. yum! 3 hours 30 minutes ago

cheripryor: stupid jerk just cut me off going in the door to Baskin Robbins! 3 hours 25 minutes ago

cheripryor: omg! That jerk smells like HE needs a shower. Pee-eeewww! 3 hours 22 minutes ago

cheripryor: Pralines and Cream or Birthday Cake? 3 hours 20 minutes ago

cheripryor: I ended up getting 2 scoops of each made in to a large sundae! 3 hours 15 minutes ago

cheripryor: Ugh! Stomach is feeling so horrible! What did I eat? 3 hours ago

cheripryor: Just finished up in the bathroom. What a wreck. No more dairy! 2 hours 50 minutes ago

cheripryor: Had a nap....watching some law and order now. 55 minutes ago

cheripryor: just twittering away and keeping tabs on all my peeps. 35 minutes ago

cheripryor: Just updated my blog! 3 minutes ago

And that, my friends, is exactly how exciting my normal day is. Wow. I know, right? You can't WAIT for me to join so you can follow my every. single. move(ment).

I certainly do not begrudge any one of tweeting. Or twittering. Or becoming a twit. To each his own. I will say this: I said the same thing about Facebook. I wasn't going to join. I resisted joining for a long time....until all my chat board peeps went there and I couldn't find them anywhere else. Then I was hooked.

I also said the same thing about blogging.

And, well, you know that story.

And if I join Twitter it will no doubt lead to more time spent Flocking with my widgets so I can keep up with all my peeps on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr, and Digg. And if you understand all of that, you spend entirely too much time on the computer. With me.

So let's just text each other, okay?


  1. I only tweet work-related stuff. It's actually helpful for that. But yes, I don't get why some people feel the need to take a pic of their lunchtime sandwich and tweet it.

  2. I don't "get" Twitter either. Are there pics there? At least if the tweeting was boring i could look at the pictures! lol

  3. I've not joined yet but I have thought about it. I'm just not sure my life is interesting enough for all that lol

  4. I tweet patti_h
    but I am like you I don't get it either LOL

  5. I don't tweet either, my blog bores people enough.

  6. Oh, i so agree! I can hardly get anyone to visit my blog where i at least try to write something interesting! Who wants to know if i just downed a bowl of cherries. Or my cat threw up on the floor?


    Face book irritates me for the same reason!

  7. ROFL. I would never have gotten a Twitter account if I had realized it automatically made me a twit. :)

  8. My God, I feel exactly the same about Twitter! However, now that I'm blogging, it seems like quite a good way to publicise my blog posts. I now 'tweet' every time I've posted something on my blog, and hopefully this will win me more readers!

    Love your blog, by the way.

  9. Hi, I'm Jo. A fellow Californian. ::Waves hi from Riverside::
    Funny (as in strange not ha-ha) how one thing leads to another and I find myself at this witty, well written blog by a woman whose thoughts and humor resemble my own (not that I think I'M all that witty, trust me).
    Upon reading your twitter post--I immediately wondered how you got into my head.
    ::Taps fingers waiting for an answer::
    I, too, am not "twitterpated".
    I had actually joined Facebook about two months ago--and a month later I had "de-joined".
    I was outta there.
    I found it to be very much like back in high school--a popularity contest with my "friends" and family members (I'm the "black sheep". I know. Whoda thunk it?). However, the thing that finally conked me on the old noggin and made me decide to leave was the twittering. Twittering on Facebook.
    Isn't that was Twitter was for?
    I was posting on things that mattered--and yes, some silly things, too.
    No replies. No responses.
    But yet one of them will write; "I like pickles" and they're all over it like a cheap suit.
    Huh? I just didn't get it.
    Am I in the wrong social network forum?
    Just the wrong decade. I'm a relic.
    As I wrote in my own blog about this very same thing a few weeks ago, I noted that with all the overused "Lol"'s and texting floating around out there that no one bothers to read more than a line anymore. As a result, we have a generation of people out there failing at job interviews and it's this generation that is responsible for our commerce in years to come, so, they'd better start picking up a book and reading the newspaper.
    Thank you for your posts--I can see why you have so many followers--you now have one more (who got a little long-winded this morning--my apologies).
    Peace, love and happiness to you and yours,
    ~Jo (Diary Of A Sad Housewife)


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