Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Overcoming the needle

My daughter is petrified of needles. Scared. It's not an act, people. Lindsay fell apart in the middle of the mall getting 2nd and 3rd holes in her ears. A major meltdown as the lady came at her with the piercing gun. Lots of crying and sobbing and snot.

She was 15.

So when she told me she wanted to get her belly pierced I was uneasy for 2 reasons:

1) It was her belly button. Something that, until it became pierced, would remain unseen by the general public unless she was swimming. I wanted to keep what modesty she still has in tact.
2) It would require a needle.

She begged. She even had a friend that wanted to pay for it for her birthday. She was DETERMINED to overcome the needle fear that grips her. But that didn't address #1 which was truly my bigger issue. She's 17. She needs a parent's permission. It wasn't going to happen with either me OR her father.

So I compromised.

I told her she could pierce her nose as long as the jewelry was small and tasteful. No bull rings. She really could not understand why I would give permission to pierce her nose and not her belly button. It was simple in my mind....everyone already sees her nose.

I also told her she would be paying for it herself. She thought about it...mulled it over...really took some time to contemplate her decision....and 1.3 seconds later asked me where she could get it done.

I asked a friend from work who I knew had some piercings and tattoos if she knew of a reputable CLEAN place I could take Lindsay. She promptly responded and before I knew it we were driving downtown to put a hole in my daughter's nose. Well, an extra hole. She already had 2.

She was fairly calm...until the guy that was to do the piercing looked at her and said she looked a little nervous and anxious. She lost it. Oy! We hadn't even got to the room yet! This man needs a medal because he gently put down his pen and the paperwork....then took about 25 minutes and just talked through the whole "fear" of needles that Lindsay had. He was calm and reassuring. And she soaked up every word he had to say like a little sponge. Yes, he was *that* good!

So she grabbed up all her new-found bravery and marched right in and hopped up on the table. I know the picture doesn't really show it, but she was all kinds of calm.


And I would love to show you the actual piercing, but I promised I wouldn't post it for public consumption lest some idiot teenager saw it and decided it looked like a piece of cake and pierced themselves. She was brave, I tell ya...because I was sweating and I wasn't getting a needle shoved through my nose.


It was pretty sore and a bit swollen for a few days. But she was very happy with the overall experience and decided that everything the store owner told her made sense for anything she had a fear of.



I wonder if he would be available to talk to her before her next final exam?


  1. Owwwwww!!!! Although I would pick nose over bellybutton, too - I have heard of too many infected bellybuttons! Way to go on being brave!!!!

  2. Ooh I used to want a itty bitty diamond in my nose too. I like!

    I've been contemplating my belly button lately too

  3. Crap never could I do that. I need that guy to talk me through a needle. Lindsay is a brave one!! I like her new extra hole!

  4. Hey Lindsay,
    Auntie Christie here.
    Its very cute, and if I was MUCH younger, I'd have one just like it. But then again, my nose is huge and I don't know if I'd want to draw anymore attention to it.
    So, when are you getting a tattoo? J/K
    We have a new Beagle puppy, you'll have to come and see her, she's so cute!

  5. Good choice with the nose... I had my belly button pierced when I was 17 and it was, to date, one of the most painful things EVER in my life.

    It's way cute, btw.

  6. tell lindsay i said YENT!!!!

  7. wow! looks great! way to go to the dood at the shop and for her and you being so calm!

    again! LOOKS GREAT!

  8. she looks too cute! I hope she loves it! I love my nose bling!

  9. She must've really wanted that hole! Cute!

  10. Well, I would tell you about the time I first got my ears pierced and promptly pass out, came to, then threw up, but I'm afraid one of your previous commenters will have already said the same thing. So I'll just bite my tongue (as opposed to piercing it) and keep it to myself.


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