Monday, June 23, 2008

Another lovely comparison....

Remember the comparison photos of my daughter and David Beckham? Or me and Beaker from the Muppets?

Yeah. I've got another great one.

As I'm sitting here watching the news, a tidbit about presidential candidate Jim McCain's visit to Fresno came on. Apparently he is challenging Americans to come up with the battery to end all batteries...and wants to offer a $300 million reward to the inventor who does it.

I didn't catch the rest of the details because I suddenly became intrigued with this man's jowls. They are of mass proportions, don't you think? Then I remembered a recent photo session I had with my daughter.

And the google search began....enjoy!



(John McCain is the one in the cartoon drawing...just in case you didn't know)


  1. Even the tips of your chins are the same color red! lol

  2. omg look at the size of your boob! I do not remember them being so HUGE!!

  3. You guys are soooo goofY!!! What a wonderful relationship you must have!!!

  4. OK, Cheri- we have not officially "met", but I have to tell you I often laugh my ass off over your postings. (I am Cassandra's friend, Kim) This one KILLED me. You are hilarious!
    I think you and I share a very similar, weird sense of humor.

  5. OMG Cheri-- only you would post a picture like this. Seriously-- you are trying to make us pee our pants aren't you?

  6. WOW....I'm really not sure what to say right now..................................ummm, your boobs look big in this pic

    u are so freakin crazy.
    oh and TX is out :cry: I'm a broke bitch


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