Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ahhhh! A Day In The Life

This post is mainly for anyone who may want to feel better about their own day. I will preface this post by saying in the big picture of things I realize this day wasn't HORRIBLE. I have had much worse. I won't'll just have to trust me on that one.

I explained in a previous post a little about my job and the shift work situation. I mentioned 12-hour shifts and a snippet of what I actually DO. Today was a day-shift for me (my third in a row...and the previous two very stressful) which means I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to be at work by 5:30 a.m. to work 12 hours.

So with that, let's just review:

4:10 am: Wake up NOT to the alarm clock but to my very upset stomach. We will not embrace that any further.

5:05 am: My cell phone rings. This is NEVER good at 5:05 in the morning...unless it is work and I have somehow reset my alarm clock and am actually 1 hour behind. I look at who the caller is and see it is my daughter. 2 hours away. Staying at my mother's house while my husband is on the coast with a friend. Instant panic. I answer to the sounds of sobbing as she tells me her tooth is killing her and is there ANYTHING she can do? (She was scheduled to have an x-ray on Tuesday to determine if she needed a root canal. I will not go in to detail about her current dentist and what an idiot I think he is at this moment for not just doing the $*&#&@ x-ray himself to discover what the problem was. I guess that was enough detail, wasn't it?) I tell her I will call my bff (best friend forever for you non-texting/message board people) to see if her good friend (a dentist) can see her first thing this morning. I tell her to take 3 advil, get an ice pack and try to go back to bed.

5:15 am: As I approach my car to leave for work, I notice my gas cover is open on my car. Hmmm. As I inspect it further I see the gas cap itself laying on my driveway next to the wheel. Hmmm. I HAD a 1/2 tank of gas which is approximately $35 in my car these days. I closed it all back up, got in the car to check the gas gage, then promptly cursed as I knew I would be late for work. I then promptly apologized to God for cursing because I needed his help to get to the gas station so I could get to work.

5:25 am: I call work to let him know I will be late and why. He laughs. I hung up on him. (Not really)

6:10 am: I text my bff and tell her to call when she wakes up.

6:45 am: The nastiness of my work day begins as it is a VERY HOT day and there will be some unusually high energy usage for the day.

7:05 am: Remember how I woke up today? Yeah.

7:20 am: My bff calls to see what I want. I tell her the Lindsay predicament. She is on board to help figure something out...even though she is moving this weekend. This is just one of 42,758 reasons why she is my bff. Yes. I have a list of reasons totaling that exact amount.

7:45 am: Stupid people at work to deal with over the phone. There seems to be a trend with people we do business with lately: they are all new, had no training and totally expect for us to train them in the heat of the moment.

7:50 am: More stupid people (No, Gene. It was not you.)

9:20 am: Bff calls back. Her dentist friend is not answering the phone at home or his cell. She has called her own dentist and he is out of town for the weekend and left nobody in charge of emergencies. She tried a third place and I can't remember the circumstance of why it wouldn't work. I think I don't remember because I was trying to take care of 4 other things that the stupid people did incorrectly because they didn't listen to me as I tried to "train" them. She is out of options because she has no phone book. It is packed.

9:30 am: Bff calls back. She walked in to the grocery store and saw a rack with phone books and found a dentist that does weekend/evening emergency work and should she call them? Yes! Thank you!

9:32 am: Bff calls back. She left a message.

9:40 am: Bff calls back while I am dealing with more stupid people. The assistant called back and wants to get info and have Lindsay in the office if she can get there in 20 minutes. I get the phone number from her so she can stop being the middle man at this point.

9:45 am: Work starts getting VERY VERY BUSY. And in the middle of it I manage to call my mom to get Lindsay up, find my son to give her a ride (he just HAPPENED to be in Red Bluff), call the assistant, arrange for Lindsay to be in the office by 10:30, give a fax number for forms...all in about 7 minutes. Just call me the multitasking queen.

9:55 am: My middle child calls me. Lindsay is in the background yelling at him. They begin arguing AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS while I am still on the phone with him wondering how the stupid people got in to the minds of my children. I hung up on him. (Yes. Really)

8:00 am to where we are in the story now: Remember how I woke up today? Yeah. Multitasking queens have needs, too.

10:12 am: WORK CONTINUES TO GET BUSIER AND BUSIER. I go to the fax in the other room, grab it, fill out the 5 pages of "new patient" crap and fax it back while the assistant is getting things ready for the x-rays of Lindsay's tooth for the dentist to review.

11:15 am: Assistant calls back. Says Lindsay has an infection, cracked tooth, and will probably need a root canal. Dentist has called in a prescription to start the ball rolling. Will see her this afternoon to drain it and do some other important dental things that the stupid people who kept calling me with work didn't care about. The stupid people are REALLY starting to irritate me now.

(Insert a few more chats with the actual dentist, more phone calls from stupid people, and lots and lots and lots of work)

5:53 pm: I'm finally logging off my computer at work, my relief wishes he hadn't even shown up because it's so busy, Lindsay is drugged up/sore/recovering, and I get in my car and head for home.

I can't wait for tomorrow.


  1. Oh my - what a crazy day!! I hope you are better and that the dentist was able to give your dd some relief! Your bff sounds great!! I hope your next day at work is much more boring!!

  2. Ahhh, the normal and (unfortunately) daily routine of a power dispatcher - the only other job as stressful and as continually busy might be an air traffic controller but at least they're forced to take breaks away from the desk. Oh, and I do appreciate clarification of the fact I wasn't one of the stupid people contributing to your stress 'cause I was feeling dumber than a box of rocks yesterday. Hang in there kiddo!

  3. crap Cheri and to think you just got back from a well deserved break! Hang in there baby Friday is coming!

  4. What no phone calls from the "hubby" to say he got the truck stuck in the sand and needs a tow out? Oh, and can you call in a pizza, they're really hungry.

    By the way do you like Jello??

  5. If it makes you feel better I laughed while reading this. A lot. Thanks for sharing your pain. Miss you at SJ.


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