Friday, June 1, 2012

10 completely unrelated very random things

  1. They make camoflauge duct tape. How do you find it when you need to use it?
  2. Snow is really pretty. In pictures. When I don't have to be in it. Or if I can stay in a car with someone who knows how to drive in it.
  3. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? The Jerry Springer Show is proof this movie could come true.
  4. I got one of these a couple of months ago. I spent an entire weekend in it upon arrival. It was a beautiful thing.
  5. I also got new glasses. I would post a picture but it has been so long since I blogged on a regular basis I forgot my password to my on-line picture album. Schweet.
  6. I'm currently tearing my back yard apart to do a simple diy remodel. The remodel itself will be painless...but the tearing up of the current layout is making every muscle in my body revolt.
  7. Regardless of how many hot flashes I experience my feet always remain ice cold. Someone please explain this to me.
  8. I love coffee. Almost as much as I love the Wizard of Oz. But not quite.
  9. I bought pretty yard gloves to tear my back yard up. I thought having something pretty and feminine and fun would make it easier to continue through the work day after day after day after day. Fail.
  10. I think I may have a bunion. My grandma had bunions. This does not help me in my quest to feel young again.


  1. I had a bunion. Now I have a corn. Somehow both of those are nasty to me, right up there with hemorrhoids. Yeah, that too. A long time ago.

  2. #11. You are going to Utah to visit a very schweet friend.


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