Friday, August 26, 2011

We interrupt any chronological order of vacation for this post

Soooo….things just happen to us on vacation. I’ve mentioned this before. I’ve blogged about it before. We are cursed.

This vacation is no exception.

We survived the Virginia earthquake on Tuesday. At the time of the quake we were in Washington DC visiting the Holocaust Museum watching a video on Antisemitism, just a 1/2 hour in to the first floor. This California bred girl hit the floor as soon as the shaking started and was getting ready to grab my husband to get under the bench when it stopped. It lasted about 2 minutes but seemed like forever. I understand how some folk in this country aren't "earthquake trained"....I'm not "tornado trained"....but to think the quake was part of the film was interesting to me. It's not Disneyland, people. This is not an attraction with special effects. It's the Holocaust MUSEUM. TAKE COVER!!

This is the only picture we were “allowed” to take in the museum. Evacuation.


And this is us sitting outside amidst the chaos: sirens, helicopters, horns honking, whistles blowing, people yelling. We are calmly eating a hot dog trying to figure out our next move.


Our next move turned out to be arguing back and forth about what our next move was going to be. After taking exactly 4 more pictures, (2 of the Washington monument with dozens of people wandering in and out of our pictures and 2 of the Capitol with those same people wandering around in the background) the next move turned out to be cramming on to the DC Metro with everybody else who didn’t really have a next move after the museums closed for the day and Federal employees were sent home. Yes, Troy was THISCLOSETOME when taking the picture. 3 more people that I never met were also THISCLOSETOME. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the line. (I'm joking, of course).


Just another day on vacation with the Pryors. We left before Hurricane Irene came so we can’t be blamed for that.

But vacation isn’t over yet.


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