Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2,547 miles in 5 days

Whose idea was this cross-country road trip, anyway? Oh, yeah. Mine.

Here we are leaving Sacramento. Don't we look excited and happy to be on our way? We really had no idea how loooooong and lonely I-80 can actually be. Actually, *I* wasn't remembering from a previous road trip with my bff many years ago across PART of I-80. Troy had already done this exact road trip several years ago on his Harley. That could explain the look on his face vs. the look on my face.....

I have to say that Day 1 was by far the best day for me on this trip. I slept most of it away having just come off of night shift. But that meant my poor husband had to drive and keep himself entertained while I snored next to him. That's hard to do for 400 miles. Music helps. And of course there is no "Welcome to Nevada" picture to memorialize the event. Did I mention that I slept the first day?

But we did snap pics entering most of the other states. Well, Troy did while I was driving....and yelling at him that the photo op was coming up. Yelling. He was tense the entire trip. I can't understand why.



The desert mountains in Utah were beautiful. And what a treat to see the Salt Flats for the first time! The quote of the day came from Troy: "I wonder if fish fart?" What goes through a mind that you would even wonder that? The tension for pictures was raised for Troy when a photo op was missed. But the fun really ended at the campground. WORST. SLEEP. EVER. We found out the inflatable mattress we bought had an ELECTRIC pump. What? What happened to the battery operated pump?? *sigh*. So we got to sleep on rocks. And it was cold. I didn't plan for cold weather. It IS August for Pete's sake! Just miserable.


Missed photo op of entering Wyoming. I think I'll let up on Troy a bit. I mean, at least he is staying awake in the passenger seat. I'm pretty sure we would miss ALL the signs if I was the passenger because I would be asleep.


There's not a whole lot to say about Wyoming. But this is the point of the trip where Troy started to become VERY troubled over the road work. LOTS of road work. So much road work. Question of the day came from me: "I wonder where they store all of these orange construction barrels?" There was seriously close to 1,000 of them across Wyoming. I'm imagining a HUGE warehouse for these things. I wonder how much those things cost....someone's rich. Just sayin'.

Troy wrestled a dinosaur in Wyoming. I guess wearing the cowboy hat in the gift shop made him feel like he needed to. The dinosaur didn't put up much of a fight. We did finally get a good night's sleep because we rented a cabin at KOA just outside of Cheyenne. Tornado warnings sent us inside instead of sleeping under the stars. Why do storms follow us on vacation? Remember this? Yeah. So I got to look at a pretty spectacular lightening storm that night....which would be great if I actually LIKED spectacular lightening storms. I don't. I like them about as much as I like the dark.


Updates to come....let me just say we saw a lot of corn fields. We played the game "how many things can you think of that contain corn?" There's a lot.

And just one word to keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat until the next update: CARHENGE.


  1. Excellent! Love that first picture of you two. You look so chipper and Troy . . . eh, notsomuch. What's up with the Lincoln head in Wyoming? Is that Lincoln?

  2. you don't even wanna know the first thing i thought of that contained corn.....ewwwwww

  3. Tell Troy he looks very handsome in a cowboy hat! I am not sure I could do this kind of road trip---but your pictures are fantastic-- can't wait to see more! Love the Dino pic!


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