Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some observations while cleaning house

  1. Other family members always seem to have something urgent and important they must do on the day I announce the house needs cleaned. Urgent and important does not include helping me clean the house.
  2. I hate carpeted stairs on cleaning day.
  3. The chance that my 3 dogs will drag crap in from outside through the dog door is much greater if I have just mopped the floor.
  4. Newspaper cleans glass better than anything else. For this reason alone I hope on-line media never makes newspapers obsolete.
  5. I think my dog door might have been dirtier than my toilet. How is that even possible? Mostly likely because I clean the toilets every week and the dog door gets neglected for months.
  6. Emptying the vaccuum cleaner 5 times while cleaning just the living room and hallway tell me that my dogs and cats shed entirely too much. Or maybe I have too many animals. I think they shed too much.
  7. I wonder if auto degreaser would be too harsh on my kitchen stove/backsplash. I've used 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, 27 paper towels and Dawn dishsoap and very. hot. water. I'm still not perfectly happy but my kitchen is VERY clean!!
  8. I want to go out to dinner. Not only because I'm tired from cleaning but because I don't want to mess up my kitchen.
  9. I want to go out for breakfast tomorrow. I'm sure I will still be tired. And I don't want to mess up my kitchen.
  10. I never want to cook in my kitchen again.


  1. How can newspaper possibly work? I turn 4 pages and end up with completely black fingers. However, this makes me realize I've been meaning to clean the inside of my car windshield and I can never seem to get rid of the smeary haze. And I've heard of the newspaper thing, but now that I actually know a person (that would be you) who claims it's true, I'm that much closer to trying it.

  2. Since I don't get newspapers I'm gonna try the clean coffee filters instead. I'll let you know how it goes.
    If you do try the auto degreaser tell me how that works. LOL I cook with a gas stove (not sure I looked at your's that closely when I was at your place to see if you do too) but the film of gunk it leaves is awful and never seems to leave. No matter how much I hate the gunk...I love cooking with the gas stove.

  3. I hear ya sista. I about died when my cleaning lady announced she would be off for six weeks. Thank god she was only gone three!! I hate trying to find the time to clean LOL

  4. I somehow missed this post before.

    My biggest secret for the cat fur (and we have a lot!) is using the wire pet brush to lift the stuff off the carpet. Our carpet is old, i swear it is just like velcro. But it is neutral and i can live with it for a few more years because our money is not likely to go to flooring right now.

    On the stairs, using the wire pet hair brush is just miraculous. It does a great job & only minimal use of the vacuum is required. It also is a quick solution to getting the pet hair between vacuumings.

    Hope this might help with that some.

    Amazing, isn't it, how help evaporates the minute you need it?


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