Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nobody likes a stale blog....

So I'm reposting a favorite from my archives. Enjoy!


Originally posted on September 19, 2008

I'm big on nostalgia. Remember the whole Wizard of Oz thing? Yeah. *sigh* Anyway, I love to look around on the internet for remnants of childhood things from my past. It's always fun to run across that one special thing you remember so fondly from your younger years. And seeing them up for auction makes my heart pound and my brow sweat slightly. Because I want them. I really, really do! All the images you see in this post are from around the world wide web....and they are images of toys/games that I actually had growing up. *sigh*

I go back in time often to think about all kinds of things from my childhood:
Television shows

But my absolute favorite things to think about and search out on the internet are toys and games. Mostly because those are the specific things that make me feel young again, know what I mean? I loved my toys, people! And games....oh, the games my family had!! *sigh* Those are some wonderful memories.

I *sigh* a lot when I'm walking down memory lane.

And we all have our favorites. The ones we remember distinctly. The ones you can actually still smell if you close your eyes and think hard enough....or can at least recreate the smell by going to any toy department and smelling all the new toys. (Be careful nobody sees you doing that. You are bound to be questioned.)

And my favorites? Well.....barbie certainly topped my list. I had a ton of them...and she was well dressed and lived a life of luxury!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket


And before the "Kelly" barbie...there were Liddle Kiddles. I had tons of these things, but those pictured are the ones I distinctly remember. I still have the pink-haired one, but her pretty smelly hair has long since been replaced by the lovely smell of vintage...and one foot has been chewed off by someone or something. I'm not playing innocent here. I chewed on stuff. It totally could have been me.



And there were flatsy dolls....


And my other dolls (I liked dolls. What about it?) .....


And the games....lots and lots and lotsandlotsandlots of games....



But BY FAR my most coveted memory of all....is this:


Let me just explain Baby Go Bye-Bye for you. First...how cute is that little car she cruises around in?! Do you see the little butterfly on the hood? That's what you use to wind up the car. And this was no plain 'ol forward motion car. This little sucker swerved and circled all over the place and you never knew exactly where it was gonna go bye bye to. I LOVED THIS DOLL!! (Can you feel my excitement?) And the doll itself was too cute for words. But here's some words anyway. Her little head bobbled a little.....so as the car was zig-zagging all over the place, her little head just bobbed around with her cute little pigtails and rosey litte cheeks. I LOVED THIS DOLL!!

And I had my favorite childhood doll until I was 24...then someone stole a bunch of things from our garage and she was never to be seen again. Baby really did go bye-bye. *sigh*

I sigh a lot when I think of my Baby Go Bye-Bye.

This one is actually for sale on Ebay right now:


Box and all. It's mint. I'm very tempted to bid on it. I bid on one just like this a couple of years ago....and almost won. I would have, actually, if I would have been willing to up my max bid to TWO HUNDRED FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!! And this one is certain to go that high. Maybe I'll bid on one without the box. But it MUST be accompanied with the car. It's not the same without the car.

Childhood nostalgia shouldn't be priced so high. *sigh*

For now I suppose I'll just keep surfing the net and watching auctions. I know one day I'll have it. I must. My husband isn't opposed to it....as long as I bid and win on HIS favorite:


Must be a mid-life crisis. I'm sure we'll both get over it soon.


  1. Sending you hugs. :)

    My younger sister had a few of these things. I think i had a couple, but somehow my mother didn't think it was "appropriate" for me, but then caved later when my sis asked for them.

    Brings back memories. :)

    I did have the red-headed Crissy doll.

    I guess it is mid-life to remember things from younger days. I've been having lots of that recently, too.

  2. I had forgotten about Flatsy Dolls. I love Flatsy Dolls. Thanks for the photos and memories. Recycled posts - great idea!

  3. omg thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved the Sunshine family too!

  4. For the record, I love your blog and the way you write... I just wish that I read it more often!

    have a great day!

  5. Oh..we share so many things alike.
    Love your writing style, Cheri.
    Lots of Love


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