Thursday, March 4, 2010

A difficult day...

as my baby turns 18. I know she reads my blog, so Happy Birthday, big Missy! This is for you....and pretty much sums up everything I have felt from the moment you were born. I love you. *sniff*


  1. Lindsay is a GREAT girl!

    lub u!!

  2. OMG, just seeing the name of the song brought tears to my eyes. I'm a puddle of tears lately with my baby graduating too Cheri. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

  3. Happy Birthday Lindsay. Funny how is bothers us that our babies are growing up!!

  4. happy birthday Lindsay!
    thanks cheri for the tears this morning!

  5. Amy: I know

    Clare: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

    Lin: I always think about my friends who have daughters when I hear this song. It really chokes me up so I just KNOW y'all do, too!

    Patti: But let's be clear that I am not bothered because it makes me feel old. lol!

    Lori: Hope your mommy/daughter weekend is going well and you are having lots of fun in your fort!!

  6. Happy Belated B-Day Lindsay.... you are the closest person I have to call my Daughter.....and believe me.. it's been fun being able to take advantage of that.. you know buying all the ribbons and bows, prissy stuff and girly clothes.. lol...(although I do take pride in being the one to buy you your first purse) Hope you had a good one, lets get together (your Mom too) and do lunch one of these days and celebrate your adulthood! ;)
    BTW..... Are you going to your Senior Prom? I'd like to hook you up with a corsage if you want. It will be my LAST one to be able to make for you, so let me.... please please.... please....(I need a tissue, this is an emotional moment for me)
    Love Ya! Aunt Christie


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