Friday, February 5, 2010

Fiji....Part IV

Besides being in Fiji on the actual day of our 25th anniversary, I would have to say this particular event ranked Numero Uno on my list of favorite things we did. Troy and Linda picked this little adventure out and it was MORE than worth the price we paid. By far. Even having to wake up by the alarm clock. On vacation. Why do alarm clocks even exist on vacation, people??

Apparently so you don't miss the bus for the Sigatoka River Safari.

Our adventure started at 7:00 a.m. We didn't actually begin the Excursion until around 9:00, but our adventure started as soon as we loaded in the transport vehicle. Have you ever followed behind a vehicle on a highway going about 60 mph with only 3 feet separating you? Yeah. It's adventurous. It's also scary. I've ridden in NY Taxi cabs. It's similar. But different. Mainly because you are on the opposite side of the road and the driver is sitting on the right side of the vehicle.

None of that is important.

But this is. It's a picture of the four of us as we are getting ready to load up in the jet boat. We had no idea how different this picture would be after our day was over.

Please note how tan Tiffiny's legs are at this point. My legs don't tan very well, especially around the shin area. I hate her.

There were about 25 people total going on this Safari. We must have been doing something right because they picked the 4 of us to go in a smaller jet boat by ourselves. It was like our own little personal Safari. It was awesome! The wind in our hair, the sun on our faces, a funny dude named Mike for our guide....fabulous!

The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the villagers that we saw along the way all waved and smiled as we went by. The Fijians are VERY friendly that they don't eat each other.

It took about 25 minutes to reach our destination....the village of Nalebaleba. I have no idea how to pronounce that. Don't even ask.

We were greeted by smiling faces....holding knives. But we weren't worried. They don't eat each other anymore, remember? We faced a VERY steep hike up a VERY long path on a VERY humid day. I was worried about Troy to say the least. Because, you know, *I* am in stellar physical condition.

Once we reached the top and entered the village, we were greeted by our village hosts.

They led us through their village while explaining the culture, the history and the world they live in. I was touched as we walked around looking at their simplistic living conditions. It made me appreciate all that I have back home that I normally just take for granted and don't give a second thought electricity. And indoor plumbing.

And even with all of that, the children were happy. Smiling, curious, loveable, laughing children. There is just no culture border when it comes to children, wouldn't you agree? They picked their noses just like mine did when they were little. They kicked at rocks just like mine. I loved that these children were interested in their guests and didn't have their noses buried in a computer game or busy texting their friends. It was simple. And wonderful. And overwhelming.

Once the tour of the village was over, we participated in a REAL Kava Ceremony. Not the dirty, sneaky, down-the-back-alley Kava Ceremony that Troy got us involved with. The villagers sang throughout the cermony, adorning us with beautiful leis and not-so-beautiful streaks of baby powder on our cheeks.

Then we ate some wonderfully yummy food. I'm pretty sure none of it was prepared in a microwave.

And then....we danced. And we danced. And then danced some more. Those Fijians like to dance, people!!

The dancing was tiring. And all he did was watch us.

Then it was time to say our goodbyes to the villagers and hike back down that long trail. But by this time it was raining a little. So it made that steep hike down a little tricky with my flip-flops on. So I removed them and hiked down barefoot. This is monumental for me because my feet do NOT like to be naked. But I was embracing the village culture and since they go barefoot a lot? Well "do as the villagers do". I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Just sayin'.

We headed back on the jet boat. Mike let us know that once we got a bit closer to the end of the journey he would be doing some 360's for our enjoyment. Or just one if we didn't enjoy it that much. Well, we did about six. Because we enjoyed it THAT much.

And THIS is how we looked at the end of our day.

We thought we were pretty wet. But then a storm came....

(to be continued)


  1. I loved this description! How cool! Can't wait for part deux.

  2. Cheri, what wonderful adventure/pics.
    So glad you had such a great time!
    A life time journey!
    Have a great weekend , my firend:)
    Betty xx

  3. Some days I wished we all lived like that still.

  4. Wow. I think you would be a blast to go on vacation with! (Can i have just a little of your energy? Please?)


  5. Loved the smiles on your faces! Whatever you did pay was a small pittance for that kind of fun!


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