Friday, February 19, 2010

Fiji....give me a high five!

One of the things we were looking forward to at the resort was this

A lovely sight, indeed. And oh, so inviting on a tropical island with the sun beating down on us while cooling off in the wonderful pool. We spent a lot of time at the pool. A lot of time, people. It was a daily ritual. Our bar tab was, well, larger than the grocery store bill. But that's what vacation is for, right?

We had fruity drink after fruity drink from that swim up bar. These were our first ones. Look how excited we are!

We had fruity drinks with alcohol

And fruity drinks without alcohol

And fruity drinks that we made ourselves

The fruity drinks made us very happy.

And some of the fruity drinks made us want to be sychronized swimmers. Although I think you need more than one person to actually be sychronized. but that didn't stop me.

I had a fruity drink one day called the "Angry Jealous Fijian". I don't even remember what was in that drink. I had one. It was delightful so I had another one. Sun, swimming, lack of food for 3 hours and 2 "Angry Jealous Fijians".

Boy was that Fijian angry and jealous. I just had no idea HOW angry and jealous until I got out of that pool, walked to our very chilled air conditioned room and sat down to finally put food in my empty stomach.

It was so thoughtful and considerate of my husband and best friend to bring the rest of my drink to me. Then take a picture. Then laugh.
But that's what vacation is for, right?


I'm thinking that fruity drink without the alcohol was a MUCH smarter choice.

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  1. I could have had an almost identical picture made of me when we went to the Dominican Republic last April. Thankfully, though, Hubby was asleep and didn't witness my humiliation.

  2. Who knew those Angry Jealous Fijians were such trouble? I just read a book that made me think of your trip--"The Sex Lives of Cannibals." I think you'd enjoy it. It's not about Fiji, but it is about another South Pacific island nation--Kiribati. The writer's pretty funny.

  3. LOL Cheri gotta love friends that take care of you. Glad they were not angry or jealous LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. You are all woman posting that picture of yourself! Love this story and the photos! I left you a little something at my blog here.

  5. what is it with you and synchronized swimming????

  6. lol - The Synchronized Swimmer strikes again! The last pics cracks me up - how many of us have a pic like that in our OWN scrapbooks!

  7. That vacation looks beautiful...I'm so ready for one, too. Love, adore the islands' fruity drinks, not so much the bathroom image afterwards. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. omg girl that is hillarious!! btdt a few times :p


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