Monday, January 25, 2010

Dogs and their dreams

While in a deep sleep the other night, I was rudely awakened by Patches. She was whining and carrying on like something was wrong. As I looked down over the side of the bed I realized she was alseep.

Sound asleep. Like I had just been. *sigh*

So I spent the next hour and a half trying to go back to sleep. My brain would not turn off as I lay there thinking about what dogs possibly dream about that gets them that worked up physically. Patches had been whining mixed with a muffled bark while simultaneously trying to "run" with her front feet. Here's a list of possibilities I came up with before I finally fell asleep again:

Running to greet me as I get home from work
Fending off the other animals while trying to eat
Chasing squirrels
Chasing the post man
Chasing the cat
Chasing her tail
Chasing me up and down the stairs
Chasing cars

I'm thinking since Patches really doesn't chase ANYTHING that I am pretty safe assuming it is one of the first two. And considering I have a zoo living in my house I'm going to stick with number 2. It's the most logical.

And we all know I'm all about logic, people.


  1. But can't dogs have boogey men too? Maybe they have the boogey dog? Or dreams of giant, King-Kong sized cats?

  2. My dog has woken me too. As he is getting older I don't think his eyesight is as good. He gets hot on the bed and wants jump down and I don't think he can see the otterman that we have set up so he can get up and down off the bed so he whines in my face till I put him off the bed! DAmn I hate it too!

  3. You got it all wrong. The dream (nightmare, really) was about a snuggie that comes to life and begins to chase her around the house, and eventually blocks her from her access to the food bowl.

    I know how dogs think. Woof.

  4. I 've read that dogs have the ability to dream about anything like we do. I 've had experienced the same with my dog too. Unfortunatelly my dog Tara died 4 yers ago.
    Lots of love :O)

  5. Cheri,
    Have you seen Bizkit: the sleepwalking dog on youtube? Check it out! LOL


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