Thursday, January 21, 2010

A different kind of Fiji Post.....number 3.5

I need to start this post by explaining that I'm not the kind of person who minds having their picture taken. It doesn't bother me. I'm not always thrilled with the outcome, but I generally don't get too caught up in pictures of myself. They are meant to capture moments in time. If I happened to have a zit at that moment in time, so be it. I will admit that if it distracts from the rest of whatever is going on I will photoshop it out. Like if I crossed my eyes on purpose I don't want the zit to take away from that. But mostly I just don't care.

And if you are one of those people who just hates to be in front of the lens (*cough-cough-clare-cough-cough*) that's okay, too. My mom was like that for years. She got over it when I got my camera in elementary school and shoved it in her face 7,342 times a year. At least I think she got over it. I have about 7,127 "in the moment" pictures of her...and about 12 really good ones. So that proves something, right? Yes. That I'm annoying with my camera.

So I figure if I'm going to be taking pictures of everyone I better not mind having MY picture taken. And I really don't.

For the most part.

Here is a small sampling of various pictures that were taken of me in 2009.

They aren't too bad. There is most likely a little something in each one that I have picked apart. But for the most part they are okay. For me. I mean if we are honest we will all agree that I'm no model.

And then there are THESE pictures. A little more "capturing the moment" than the first set. Sometimes you just don't get any warning a picture is about to be taken. I could live if none of these pictures had ever been taken. I don't love them. There's no need to explain why I don't love them.


But every once in a while a picture is taken of me that I feel just needs to be burned. It doesn't happen often, even with the pictures in that last group. They all have meaning. Each one takes me back to the moment they happened and either make me sigh with happy memories or make me laugh hysterically. I love those emotions.

This pictures invokes none of those emotions in me. Except the emotion that would like to burn it.


My husband took this picture of me asleep on the plane ride home from Los Angeles to Sacramento at the end of our vacation. I was tired, people! Isn't he sweet. And funny.

Ha. Ha.

But my mom laughed and laughed when she saw this. No doubt because it was like a small payback for the 7,127 pictures I have taken of her that she wants to burn. And to see my mom laugh and laugh? Well, that made me sigh with happiness.

So I'll keep it. And share it. And you can laugh and laugh, too. At my expense.

You are welcome.


  1. This is the greatest blog entries ever. I love you Cheri. You totally had me holding in my laugh at work!

    I'm like you, I never mind having my photo taken. I know I'm not perfect. I look in the mirror every day. But I'm not going to live my life with no photos of my self, reminders of the cool, fun, funny, amazing things that happen!! Good for us!!

  2. I wish I didn't care so much about having my picture taken... but that last pic... at least your skin looks pretty good!! :) How's that for a positive spin??? :D

  3. Cute story Cheri! I love it!! You're an awesome daughter!

  4. Rio Linda missed you.

  5. I love your blue, blue eyes! Doesn't matter what pics they are, your eyes are gorgeous!

    I'm one of those that hate to have my pic taken. I still posted some goofy ones about a week back ("The OTHER Pics").

    thanks so much for sharing - & being honest & human. :)

  6. Gorgeous eyes you have Cheri, and you're just a fantastic daughter!
    love ya1

  7. One question. How is this a post about Fiji? And, if you'd like, I have some "fiiiiiine" pics of you I could share.

  8. I love how you guys notice my blue eyes and nice skin....and mention nothing of the drool, horrible sun blisters on my lip and my triple chin. Are you guys sweet? lol!

  9. @ VBFITWWW (aka Linda) Well, the picture was taken on the way back from Fiji. I thought it qualified for #3.5 instead of #4. Thank you for the offer of other pictures of me. I'll pass....

  10. still love them truly captures who you really are! LOL

  11. You make me laugh. And I thank you for your note. I looked back in your archives and found your story. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm working on finding my way back. Thanks!

  12. That is such a sweet thought Cheri. You've taught all of us to look at those not-so-lovely pictures of ourselves. Thank you.

  13. I am like you if I take pictures of others all the time yes I have to have picture taken also. I always tell others though if you take my picture all I ask is for you to get only my head. lol No bad body shots. Or I just crop the bottom half off. lol But for the most part I do have to say yes it is only fare for them to take pictures of us also since we take tons of them. Once again your blog rocks. Love reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I think this explains how friggin' tired all 4 of us combined were at that moment. Heehee I can't believe you posted this.


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