Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh how I love the Sweet Slumber

Look at me. Peaceful. Relaxed. Asleep. Then my dear husband decides he needs to snap this picture of me sleeping during the middle of the day. Not because I was being lazy but because I was in the middle of night shifts.

Oh, how I love to sleep when I'm on night shifts.


What's so special about this particular slumber that my husband decided was so important to capture for me on film? No doubt to be thrown in a scrapbook with some pretty papers and fancy doo-dads next to it?

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who enjoys the sweet slumber of a chilly fall afternoon.


And just so you know, there is one more animal UNDER the covers with me.

And just so you know, I sleep like this more often than not during the day. Because during the night I usually have a beast of the human proportions in there with me and he most certainly will not allow such behavior during HIS slumber.

Party pooper.


  1. I love to sleep in the afternoon, seems to be the only time sleep does not elude me. And my hubby loves to interrupt my slumber. Why is that?

  2. Now that it is chilly (& we don't heat the house much) i nearly always have 2 "cat warmers" snuggled up against me. :)

    Enjoy the rest when you can get it.

  3. Meant to say, also! You look so cute sleeping. So very pretty. I imagine if my hubby took a pic of me sleeping, i'd be quite upset with him!

    Also, i'm doing a give away this week if you're interested, you could pop by. Or not.


  4. Cheri,
    Ain't sleep grand, and look at all the company. lol.

  5. I will never post a pic of me sleeping on my blog because most likely my mouth would be hanging open and there'd be a puddle of drool. You, on the other hand, are cute asleep!

  6. Ah, I can't sleep peacefully without my cats on the bed. You know all is well when everyone's bedded down.....your posse are cute!

  7. Hi Cheri,
    Your comments mean to me a lot.
    I 'll never forget your supporting when i started my blog.
    You look just gorgeous !!. Love your pics .The puppies are so cute
    hugs hugs

  8. even if it's just a nice long nap I love the rest I get! you do look cozy!

  9. adrienz: My hubby DOES NOT...repeat DOES NOT interrupt my slumber. I've trained him well. Well, in my mind, anyway. It's more because I'm so grumbly if I get woke up, especially during a string of night shifts. lol!

    Kathryn: I'm sure there was drool under that cover. Trust me on that.

    Bob: Sleep is the best thing God invented. Well, that and Fruit Loops.

    Amy: see my comment above to Kathryn. lol!

    Wye: my kitties actually wake me up kneading on my face. They get tossed.

    Betty: thanks for stopping by!

    Leslie: I. LOVE. NAPS. Toddlers really just have no idea, do they?

  10. Such a cute pic! We usually have a kitty or two in bed with us - but I will not allow them under the covers - it scares me in my sleep!!!

  11. You shouldnt need to sleep in the middle of the day, thought you slept at work??

  12. girlfriend. it has been to dang long since I last "chatted" with you and the gang as SJ. Just thinking of you and the girls when passing through SAC recently.

    we need to get back in touch.
    miss you and lemme tell you I still think of you whenever I see anything related to OZ! you made an impression forshiz!


  13. I usually end up with 3 cats and 2 dogs if they don't get booted.

  14. Awww..you look so......quiet!! hahaha

  15. Are you still in a slumber because your blog is lacking posts! Get moving girl!!!


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