Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How much per gallon?

$4.59 for a gallon of gas

Let’s discuss this for a moment. With the current price of gas and the mileage I get on my car, I have been pondering how I could stretch my travel budget. So what about less than a gallon? How many units of measurements are there that are less than a gallon?

From Wikipedia:

The gallons in current use are subdivided into eight pints or four quarts. Pints are further subdivided into fluid ounces and liquid gallons are also subdivided into 32 gills, i.e. a quarter of a pint. The sub-units of pint and fluid ounce, despite having the same name in both Imperial and U.S. units, differ in volume and are therefore not interchangeable. The principal difference is that the Imperial pint contains 20 Imperial fluid ounces, whereas the U.S. pint contains 16 U.S. fluid ounces. A U.S. fluid ounce is approximately 4% heavier than an Imperial fluid ounce and therefore they are often used interchangeably, whereas U.S. and Imperial pints and gallons are sufficiently different that they should not be used interchangeably, although they often are.


Okay. So if I put just $1.00 in my gas tank, that’s almost a quart. And based on my city gas mileage I could go not quite 6 miles.

6 miles.

That’s about how far it is to the gas station with the cheapest gas….$4.59. So on $1.00 I could drive back and forth to the gas station. I think there is a grocery store in between said cheapest gas station and my house. There is also my post office, several fast food restaurants and Baskin Robbins. So I would be SET!

Oh. I guess I would need to get to work. That’s about 11 miles away. And I really need to get there to pay for the $1.00 worth of gas. So I guess I better put in the whole gallon.


Jed the poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed? Yeah. It's because gas is $4.59 a freakin' gallon! Guess I better grab my shotgun and go shootin' at some food and maybe I'll hit the mother lode.

Then I can just fill my tank and go wherever I want.


  1. I hear you! Gas is about $4 a gallon here. And a gallon of milk is the same price as gas. Maybe I will buy a cow. It can mow the lawn and I can ride it and milk it! lol

  2. multipy 1.36 x 4 and you get what we are paying for a us gallon, and what ticks me off is it is our gas, and then our provincial government announces they are going to implement additional carbon taxes. argggggg

  3. yeah , but cheri you just can't go shooting up food, you have to think of PETA and then you will have to wait to get your gun license....

  4. I say we need to shot someone or whoever has us in this gas price mess!!

  5. I don't know what it is today but on Monday it was still under $4 here.

  6. Hey there, your favorite "blog stalker" here. 4 buck a gallon gas is all the more reason to keep riding my "murder-sickle", although I still need to figure out some trick way to balance my Starbucks on the handlebars.

  7. Is that shooting thing working for you yet? ($3.85 here - but I am 28 miles to work. That math is too high for me)


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