Friday, July 4, 2008


Hope everyone enjoys their day with family and friends. We are doing the normal bbq stuff....but, sadly, no city fireworks here this year. Northern CA is already burning down and they don't want to risk setting off more. So maybe a few small ones in front of the house. Of course, if Troy goes to buy them we'll be having quite a show and hopefully won't have to call the fire dept.

My daughter is sitting here while I post this and wants to send a shout out to all who read this!! If you lurk, make sure you post a big "hello" back to her.

Happy 4th everyone!


  1. A BIG HELLO to the daughter. Why doesn't she blog? I am sure she would be as equally as entertaining as mom.

    Happy 4th

  2. Hey Lindsay!!! Glad ya'll had a nice 4th, Cheri!! It is almost our big day - Happy early b day!!!

  3. HELLO Daughter!!! Give your Mom a big hug from Canada for me!!

  4. Happy Birthday Cheri!! Too bad you have to spend it at work......on one of the hottest weeks of the year......@%$#^%#@!

  5. Happy birthday Cheri and hello to your daughter!

  6. Hi Lindsay!!!!

    and happy Bday to Cheri!


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