Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some observations while driving in the rain

The weather has taken a turn for winter (again) this past week. And while driving on the freeway I made note of a few things.
  • Some people drive entirely. too. fast. when it is pouring down rain.
  • Some people drive entirely. too. slow. when it is pouring down rain.
  • Why can't the rain fall consistently? Wipers full blast....wipers on slow intermittent....wipers on full blast....wipers on medium intermittent....all within the distance of 1/2 mile. I drove 120 miles that day. Sweet.
  • That much water makes me have to pee.
  • Semi trucks splash 4x the amount of actual rain falling from the air directly in to your windshield as you drive by them. I drove through 4 tidal waves. Have you ever tried to see through a tidal wave slamming across your windshield?
  • I am very thankful that I work indoors. Even bright orange reflective vests are hard to see in torential rain.
  • My car is very clean now. On the outside. Rain makes mud that clings to your shoes.
  • Talking about all this water makes me have to pee.
  • I thought all these showers were supposed to be in April. Where are the May flowers? I'll tell you where they are....washed away with ALL. THIS. RAIN.
I'm ready for summer.


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