Saturday, February 7, 2009

Name that movie....

We are the CITs
so pity us

The kids are brats
the food is hideous

We're gonna smoke and drink and fool around
(we're nooky bound)

We are the North Star C-I-TEEEEEEEEs!!

No prizes involved. Just a bit of nostalgia as I watched one of my favorite childhood movies. And good luck with getting that tune out of your head if you know the answer....which, btw, DON'T answer in the comments. Let's see how many people can get this. No google cheaters.


  1. Gonna have to get back to you on this one! It is on the tip of my tongue and way to early to boggle my brain!

  2. hmmmmm that's a "child" hood movie? LOL

  3. That is from Meatballs! Were'nt the counselors-in-training sitting around the campfire when they were singing this? I used to think the boy (Chris Makepeace) was cute wayyyy back then, am I pathetic or what?
    BTW tell Cody happy belated B-DAY and now he can legally drink beer at my house on Christmas! ;)

  4. Meatballs!!! I knew it!!! How sad is that???

  5. I would have to google. I do know it is NOT WOO!!! lol

  6. I never saw Meatballs. How is that possible?

  7. i have no clue.Don't keep us in the dark long.


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