Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay...so we have a couple of small things planned for the day! We are going to have one challenge and one make 'n take. Here is a list of "stuff" you will need for each:


1-4 Pictures and $5.00 in a ziploc
On the outside:
Size - 8x8 - 12x12 - etc.

We will let you know the "rules" the day of the crop. A prize is involved!! YIPPEE!!


Acrylic Album

You need to select the supplies for your book before the class. Below is a list of the supplies that you will need. You may select these supplies in any colors or patterns that you choose! If you want the one that I used it is the Daisy D’s Valentine Line***.


Crop-a-dile (If you have it)
12” cutter Scissors Double Sided Tape

3–8x8 Acrylic 4–8x8 Chipboard 1–6x6 Acrylic-(Patti S. supply ALL OF THIS and the rings.)

10–12x12 Pattern Papers At least 4 of them should be double-sided.
3–Yards Ribbon
4-Large White Flowers

****If using Daisy D’s:
1-Cowboy Stripe
2-Cream w/ Red Dots
2-Paisley Papers
1-Circle Paper
2-Stripe Papers
1-Heart w/Kids Paper
1-Red Swirl Paper
2–12x12 Cardstock (CS) (1 ea Red & Pink)
3-8 ½ X 11 CS (1 of each White, Red & Black)
1–Pack Word Rub-Ons (Daisy D’s Love Struck)

Red Ink or a Red Dabber

Please prepare by doing all of the following before class (you can do this the day of...)

Cut 8x8 squares out of the following:
2-Paisley 1-Cowboy Stripe 1-Circle (front)
1-Cream w/Red Dots 1-Stripe 1-Pink CS
1-Red Swirl

Save all of the scraps…

Ink or Paint all of the acrylic pieces before the class. If you are using Dabbers....they dry very fast.


  1. thanks cheri.
    i love the challenge....cool

  2. Oooh I can't wait!
    Now put something about your self on your blog! Check mine for details! Sorry You've been TAGGED, muwwahahahha!

  3. I'm confused too...:-)

    So are we making an acrylic album? If so how many pages so I can know how many photos to bring.

    email me at noel@noelmignon.com


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